No Encores, Please

Is it just me or is there a palpable imminence in the air right now of some presiding officer-like entity or some manner of secret tuxedoed emcee or top-hatted grand marshal or other form of host maybe along the less formal lines of an Allen Funt or an Ashton Kutcher emerging from behind the scenes … Continue reading No Encores, Please

To the Laboratory

What if in addition to killing it at our day job of botching the human experiment we all together kept spending a second shift systematically enhancing our capacity to grasp how badly we’re botching the human experiment because we never truly take time out of our busy schedule of botching the human experiment to use … Continue reading To the Laboratory

Deep End

Maybe one way we could get even with all our so belligerently illiberal brothers and sisters who’ve ventured so far out there into the deep end that not even the long arm of an extended and well-practiced na na na na na na over the hard political times they’ve fallen on can reach them is … Continue reading Deep End

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