Sober Truth

I wonder if any of our best and brightest hard or soft scientists have thought of quantifying the minimum daily amount of magical thinking our species needs to keep carrying on with all the squandering of our human promise that comes with magically thinking all the wrong things like the magical thought that magical thinking … Continue reading Sober Truth

If Birds Can Do It

It’s such a sad commentary that probably our species’ only shot now at not altogether destroying ourselves is to attract a hostile throng of aliens to play the common enemy we badly need to put our common human identity back together again if only for the short while it took an outraged advanced alien race … Continue reading If Birds Can Do It


Perhaps in the playbook of the white nationalist asses that recently made history by occupying the seat of our government (sometimes with their feet up on the desk of our government) there’s a page or two that could be borrowed by all of us at home who’ve been so traumatized by the sight and the … Continue reading Occupied

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